CLEAVELAND, established in 2005, is an AMF-regulated real estate investment management firm, specializing in the French real estate market for third-party investors. We provide our clients with a customized range of real estate investment services.

CLEAVELAND currently manages more than 6 billion euros of assets, comprised of over 300 properties, on behalf of 40 funds and real estate companies, representing some 68 investment vehicles, including 28 OPCI funds. 

CLEAVELAND adapts to the specific needs and particular characteristics of each investor: investment funds, private investors, or institutional investors. The Company develops and implements individualized real estate, financial and legal strategies to optimize investment risk-return in line with investors’ requirements: Core, Core Plus, Value Added or Opportunistic.

CLEAVELAND boasts a multidisciplinary professional team working in five key areas:

OPCI Management
Investment Management
Financing / Structuring
Asset Management
Property Management